Benghazi on the Record: Asked and Answered

Did the U.S. engage in illegal gunrunning from Libya to arm rebels in Syria?

All CIA activities in Benghazi were legal and authorized. On-the-record testimony establishes that CIA was not sending weapons (including MANPADS) from Libya to Syria, or facilitating other organizations or states that were transferring weapons from Libya to Syria."

- House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Republican January 2014 Update

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  • Rep. Frank Wolf Sept. 9, 2013

    Is it possible that the President’s intelligence finding included an authorization for the weapons collected in Libya to be transferred to Syrian rebels? Was the CIA annex in Benghazi being used to facilitate these transfers? I believe there is now enough evidence suggesting this that it demands a clear explanation."

    Source: Congressional Website
  • Rep. Frank Wolf Dec. 12, 2013

    Have these or other weapons – transferred with alleged covert U.S. support – been used to kill innocent civilians, including Christians? Don’t the American people have a right to know if their tax dollars are being spent to supply Islamic extremists with weapons used to kill Christians and others in Syria? ... [T]he American people still aren’t being told the truth about the U.S. role in arming the Syrians and the role of the CIA base in Benghazi."

    Source: Congressional Website
  • Rep. Frank Wolf Sept. 9, 2013

    Most importantly, at any point in time were any of these collected weapons transferred to Syria and/or ever obtained by opposition fighters, including jihadist fighters?"

    Source: Letter to President Obama
  • Sen. Rand Paul April 21, 2013

    With regard to Benghazi, I think it’s important because it may have something to do with why the compound was attacked if we were involved with shipping guns to Turkey. There was a report that a ship left from Libya towards Turkey and that there were arms on it in the week preceding this. There were reports that our Ambassador was meeting with the Turkish Attaché. So, I think with regards to figuring out what happened at Benghazi, it’s very important to know whether or not the CIA annex had anything to do with facilitating guns being sent to Turkey and ultimately to Syria."

    Source: Aaron Klein Radio
  • Sen. Rand Paul July 14, 2014

    I'm concerned about the veracity of how she responded. For example, the New York Times about two weeks ago reported that the CIA has been involved with facilitating weapons to Syria for over a year. And it's also been reported I think in the New York Times as well that Hillary Clinton was the big cheerleader for arming Syria when there was two factions within the Obama Administration arguing this. Hillary Clinton was the one, you know, cheering them on to get weapons. She was the hard-liner that wanted to get involved in the war in Syria. And yet, in the hearing she says oh, she's never heard of this? I find that hard to believe. And after Clapper's coming to Congress and lying because he said it was classified, my question to Hillary Clinton is, did you lie to Congress simply because it was a classified program, or were you telling the truth? And I really kind of doubt the Secretary of State has no knowledge that the CIA is facilitating weapons to Syria."

    Source: Aaron Klein Radio
  • Rep. Jeff Duncan Sept. 4, 2013

    He [Secretary of State John Kerry] didn't want to answer, and I tried to make the connection between Benghazi and Syria by asking whether weapons were being funneled from the rebels that we supplied them to in Libya to the rebels in Syria. ... He didn't answer that question."

    Source: Newsmax